Design & development

Here, your product ideas, sketches, models and prototypes are given their digital form as a 2-D design or as a 3-D solid model. Internally, we develop and design using the CAD/CAM program Mastercam ®. Interfaces are available to all major design programs.

Of course, if you so wish, we are happy to support and advise you during the development stage, carry out feasibility studies or suggest suitable materials to you for your product.

Thoughts are free, and four eyes see more than two. 
Our specialists are happy to analyse and develop for you and by making minor design changes and adjustments to the part to suit the requirements of the plastic medium, have already been able to achieve gains large in efficiency and cost reductions. 
Please do not hesitate to make best use of our experience. 
Here too, our own product ideas are digitally drafted and drawn.